Immediate Family Medical Care
Industrial Family Medical Care

Specializing in a Wide Range of Occupational Health Programs

* Laceration Repairs
* Immunizations
* Preplacement Physical Exams
* DOT Exams
* Drug Screen Collection
* Workers' Compensation Exams and
   treatment w/Minimal Time Loss
* On-Site X-Ray and EKG Services
* Medical Surveillance
* Pulmonary Function Testing
* Audiometric Evaluations
* Breath Alcohol Testing
* MRO Services
* School / Sports Physicals
* Non-occupational Injuries & Illnesses
* International Travelers Wellness Programs

We are ready to meet your Occupational Medical Needs. Let us assist you in keeping your Workers' Compensation costs down!

Occupational/Industrial Medicine is our commitment and our specialty, not our Hobby!

If you're not happy with your current Occupational Health Provider, or you would simply like to explore our Occupational Healthcare Philosophy, please give us a call.

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Comprehensive Occupational Medical Clinics

  Larisa West
Director of Physician Services

Phone (760) 942-7297